WELCOME to Healthy Ocean

HealthyOcean is an invitation to prosper financially while helping to ensure a better future for our oceans.

Dive into a world of eco-conscious action, where your efforts in cleaning our seas not only preserve the beauty beneath the surface but also translate into tangible rewards.

Join us in making waves for a sustainable future and unlocking financial rewards while safeguarding our planet's most precious asset!

ocean fish

Problem: Pollution and Plastic Waste

The ocean, covering two-thirds of the Earth's surface, is surprisingly vulnerable to human activities such as overfishing, runoff pollution, and garbage dumping. These actions have severe economic and health implications, leading to the destruction of marine life, habitats, and ecosystems.

Each year, eight million tonnes of plastic infiltrate the water, equivalent to a truckload every other minute. The global reach of this pollution is extensive, reaching even remote areas like Antarctica and the Mariana Trench. Abandoned plastic fishing gear, comprising around 10% of all sea plastic, exacerbates the issue.

Seagrass, vital for various marine species, is rapidly diminishing due to threats like channel dredging and pollution. The interconnected nature of the oceanic ecosystem means that the loss of one species, such as sea otters, can cause a chain reaction with far-reaching consequences for biodiversity and, ultimately, human survival.

Not Charity, but Financial Empowerment

Meet HealthyOcean, an innovative crypto project that empowers individuals to positively impact the environment while providing extensive possibilities for everyone involved. Unlike traditional charity models, we believe in rewarding every participant for their commitment to cleaning our oceans. Through active engagement with our cleanup efforts on the HealthyOcean APP, users earn valuable rewards in the form of our crypto token. This is more than just philanthropy - it's about fostering a sustainable ecosystem where every action, no matter how small, is financially acknowledged.

On the flip side, there's significant potential for investors. Our robust pre-launch and post-launch marketing campaigns, coupled with immediate buybacks after listing, are strategically crafted to catapult HealthyOcean's performance into the green zone, presenting an opportune moment for lucrative returns. This dynamic approach positions investors at the forefront of a burgeoning opportunity, where early participation can unlock substantial financial gains.

Beginning Towards a Better Future

HealthyOcean isn't merely another crypto charity project - it's a transformative force for positive change, where environmental responsibility intersects with financial opportunity. Our dynamic Clean2Earn initiative, combined with a clear project vision and marketing plans, unlocks significant perspectives in the short and long terms. We have a remarkable opportunity to contribute to our planet's well-being while providing unique benefits for all project participants.

Secure your spot in the HealthyOcean investment journey, and together, we're set to make waves in the crypto world! Invest now, ride the marketing momentum, and reap the financial rewards of being part of a groundbreaking crypto venture!

Collabs with Ocean Health Organizations

As HealthyOcean charts its course towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, our vision includes strategic collaborations with leading ocean health organizations. As our project gains traction and establishes itself as a major player in the crypto space, we intend to join forces with prominent names in ocean conservation.

Our objective is clear: to form impactful partnerships with the foremost ocean health organizations. This collaboration will not only enhance the credibility of HealthyOcean but will also present unparalleled financial opportunities for our investors. By aligning our goals with these influential entities, we aim to create a powerhouse alliance that leverages our financial strength and their expertise in advancing ocean health initiatives.

Here is the list of organizations with which we are set to initiate collaboration:


Collabs with Stars

Discover the vibrant energy of our Star Collaborations section, where we proudly feature the exceptional influencers supporting our project: Sonny Kiss, Morgan Kane, and Ben Crompton. Uncover the unique synergy between these stars and our mission, creating a powerful fusion that extends beyond the realms of entertainment. As we navigate this exciting journey together, their influence magnifies our impact, forging a collective commitment to positive change and shared aspirations.

Sonny Kiss
Sonny Kiss is an American professional wrestler, dancer, and professional wrestling manager. She began her career in 2011 as a manager and became a pro wrestler two years later.
Morgan Kane
Morgan Kane is former driver of Grave Digger monster truck racing team. He won the first #MoreMonsterJam championship as well as the Monster JamWorldFInals17 racing championship.
Ben Crompton
Ben Crompton is an English actor and standup comedian. From 2012 to 2019, Crompton portrayed Eddison Tollett on the HBO high-fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Assured Investment

Securing open and honest communication between the team and its community is crucial. Our smart contract is equipped with various anti-rug features, ensuring an unalterable structure for buy/sell fees and maximum transaction amounts. Additionally, our smart contracts incorporate advanced features like anti-sniper systems, assuring the security of your investments.

The core team driving this initiative has undergone KYC verification through PinkSale, a testament to our commitment to legitimacy. You can verify our certificate here.

The SAFU Badge serves as a guarantee that the project cannot be manipulated by developers to the detriment of investors, ensuring a level playing field for all.

The $HLO token contract underwent a thorough AUDIT, with no issues identified by auditors. You can review the audit findings here or here.

Liquidity will be securely locked for one year immediately following the presale, and this lock will extend if a migration to another chain is not imminent.

HealthyOcean APP

Unlock a world of possibilities with the HealthyOcean APP and set to revolutionize your engagement with our project. Here's a sneak peek at the exciting features coming your way:

Hold, buy, and sell $HLO directly from the APP. Seamlessly manage your HealthyOcean tokens with the built-in wallet in just a few taps.

Stay up-to-date with real-time information. Check the current project news, effortlessly communicate with our support team.

Participate in our Clean2Earn initiative directly from the APP. Engage in clean-up activities and use this feature to document your efforts. The APP will calculate the amount of clean job completed, ensuring you are duly rewarded for your contributions to a healthier planet.

Get ready for a seamless, user-friendly experience that brings you closer to the HealthyOcean mission. The HealthyOcean App is not just a tool, it's your direct connection to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

our tokenomics

CA: 0x9f8a2aeA53cE5F92964593746F74Bb0E4d958285

Our smart contract, created by PinkSale SAFU developer, lays the foundation for a secure and transparent ecosystem. It comes packed with buyback, reflection, and antisnipe features.

Buy/sell fees are 5%/5%. The marketing fee is 2%. A 1% of every transaction is shared among token holders. A 1% for buyback - our auto buyback tool purchases tokens from the liquidity pool and immediately burns them.

Also, a 1% fee is applied to all transactions, going to Clean2Earn pool, which will be used later for payments to users who participate in our C2E initiative.

buy diagram
sell diagram
  • Total supply
  • Tokens for presale 50%
  • PancakeSwap liquidity 15%
  • Bonus pool (locked) 5%
  • Devs&Marketing (locked) 10%
  • HealthyOcean APP (locked) 10%
  • Clean2Earn pool (locked) 10%


  • Phase -  Start

    • HealthyOcean concept
    • Website launch
    • Smart contract deployment
    • Releasing of whitepaper
    • Creation of social media pages
    • Ambassadors partnership
    • Contract audit
    • SAFU & KYC verification
    • Pre-sale marketing campaign
    • Presale on PinkSale
    • Pre-launch marketing campaign
    • Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Phase -  Grow

    • Post-launch marketing
    • Dextools & Dexview updates
    • CMC & CG listings
    • Press release distribution
    • Biggest buy competition
    • Community growth
    • Trending on AveDex, Dextools, Dexview
    • AMA with crypto communities
    • Listing on Tier 2 exchanges
    • Influencers onboarding
    • Launch of HealthyOcean APP
  • Phase -  Expansion

    • Expansion to additional blockchain networks
    • Listing on Tier 1 exchanges
    • Creation of HealthyOcean branded merchandise
    • Community contests and giveaways
    • Development of additional features for the HealthyOcean APP
    • Collabs with Ocean Health organizations
    • Integration with sustainable projects
    • Exploration of cross-industry partnerships
    • Global meetup events for the community
    • Expansion of ecosystem partnerships

how to buy

  1. Install MetaMask

    If you are on PC/Mac, download the MetaMask browser extension. Metamask also has a mobile app. Setup your account & add the BNB Smart Chain to your network list.

  2. Buy some BNB/USDT/BUSD

    Next, you will need to fund your wallet. To do this, buy BNB/USDT/BUSD on an exchange (i.e. Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase etc.). Transfer the tokens to your previously created MetaMask wallet address.

  3. Buy on Presale

    Investors will be able to participate in our presale on Pinksale. To grab this limited opportunity, visit our PinkSale page to take part in our presale event.

  4. Exchange on PancakeSwap

    If you are too late for the presale, head over to PancakeSwap and select $HLO. Set the slippage tolerance to 5% (sometimes it may be a bit more).

Presale finished

Buy on PinkSale

From: 28 APR 2024 15:00 UTC

Buy on Pancakeswap

Our Partners

We proudly showcase some of our collaborations with esteemed crypto entities. These strategic partnerships form the backbone of HealthyOcean, fortifying our position in the crypto space and fostering a network of shared goals. As we continue to expand our ecosystem, these valued partners contribute to the strength and success of our project. Stay tuned for updates on our growing list of crypto partners, each playing a crucial role in propelling HealthyOcean to new heights in the blockchain world.


HealthyOcean presents a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment while unlocking financial opportunities. Our innovative Clean2Earn program allows users to actively contribute to ocean cleanup efforts and earn rewards in return. By merging technology, crypto, and environmental consciousness, HealthyOcean offers a chance to not only support a cleaner planet but also benefit financially from your commitment to a sustainable future.

We are team of blockchain professionals and crypto enthusiasts hailing from diverse regions such as Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Our collective expertise spans blockchain development, environmental science, and financial markets. What sets us apart is our shared commitment to fostering not only a cleaner environment but also unique financial opportunities for our community. With features designed to empower our token holders and contribute to the project's growth, we aim to create a comprehensive ecosystem where everyone plays a role in and benefits from a sustainable future.

While HealthyOcean is not a traditional charity project, it embodies the spirit of giving back to the environment. We go beyond philanthropy by introducing the Clean2Earn initiative, allowing users to earn rewards for actively participating in ocean cleanup efforts. Our focus is on creating a self-sustaining ecosystem where individuals are incentivized to contribute to a cleaner world.

We have successfully completed KYC and audition thru video streaming with Pinksale. You can check it here - KYC

Certainly! Our contract has undergone an audit. Feel free to explore the audit details at your own pace. You can check the audit by following this link.

The SAFU badge on our presale pool page signifies that the project is safeguarded against manipulation by the owners, ensuring the protection of investors and preventing any unfair advantages. The contract code was created by a PinkSale-approved SAFU developer. To earn the SAFU badge, the smart contract code must exclusively be developed by a Pinksale-approved developer, known for creating hundreds of secure smart contracts without vulnerabilities. These reputable developers are commonly referred to as "based".

HealthyOcean is a long-term project. To ensure stability for the project and successful completion of all phases, it is a collective decision to retain the right to make adjustments to protect the interests of the investors.

The fees for buy and sell transactions are set at 5% each. Within this total, there is a 2% marketing fee. Additionally, 1% of every transaction is distributed among token holders, while another 1% is allocated for buyback purposes, where our auto buyback tool acquires tokens from the liquidity pool and promptly burns them. Furthermore, a 1% fee is levied on all transactions, contributing to the Clean2Earn pool. These funds will be utilized for compensating users participating in our C2E initiative at a later stage.
The maximum total supply is 1,000,000,000 HLO with 9 decimals. Token distribution: 50% for presale, 15% for liquidity. The rest 35% will be used for the Bonus pool, Devs & Marketing, HealthyOcean APP, Clean2Earn pool. All of them will be locked for different amounts of time, from 30 days to 6 months.

Yes, indeed! Take your time to read through our whitepaper. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to ask in our Telegram. We're here to help and provide the details you're looking for. https://HealthyOcean.finance/pdf/HLO_whitepaper.pdf

Token reflection, often referred to as redistribution, is a mechanism designed to reward holders of a cryptocurrency with additional tokens for simply holding the asset in their wallet. In the context of HealthyOcean, this means that a portion of each transaction is distributed proportionally to existing token holders. Essentially, the longer you hold our $HLO tokens, the more tokens you may accumulate over time as you automatically receive a percentage of each transaction.

Explained, companies carry out a buyback to either reduce the total supply of their shares on the market or prevent other shareholders from getting the most significant slice of the company control pie. HealthyOcean has set this feature up to help reduce the circulation of the $HLO Token, add more value to the limited ones available, and keep whales at bay.

The added benefit of the Auto buyback is that it leads to an increase in the $HLO price as $HLO gets bought from the liquidity pool. While the new BNB amount is added to the pool, and the amount in circulation is reduced.

$HLO automatically charges a 1% buyback tax on each transaction - these are stored inside the contract. Our auto-buy-back feature automatically uses a fraction of the buyback amount to purchase tokens from the liquidity pool whenever a transaction occurs. Those tokens are immediately burned after purchase.

To buy, insert the amount of BNB that you want to use to buy in the "Amount" section. The corresponding amount of tokens will be calculated automatically below the BNB amount. Finally, click on the "Buy" button. MetaMask will now ask you to confirm the transaction. It will also show you the fee that you are required to pay for that transaction. If you agree, then click on the "Confirm" button to finish the process. After buying, you will see the changes in the "Amount" and "Your purchase" sections.

Presale is pubic

First, you'll need a BEP20 supported wallet, such as Metamask. You will need to buy some BNB. When you have these ready, copy our contact address and head over to PancakeSwap to swap BNB for $HLO. Remember that each transaction on Binance Smart Chain costs BNB (the "gas fee," and it's paid to miners to keep the network running).

It is pretty simple: An exchange allows you to trade your favorite Token on the DEFI network. It is the most powerful exchange platform on the DEFI network. It can be accessed through the DAPPS of your TrustWallet app or the built-in browser of your Metamask wallet.

The slippage is expected to be around 5%

Do not panic if you are trying to buy $HLO but keep getting the error message: "INSUCCIFIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT." Try to change Slippage tolerance on PancakeSwap to 6% or little more.

Contact us

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There are so many ways to reach us:
  • Fill out the Contact Form, and we will get back to you at the earliest.
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